Thursday, December 3, 2015


Happy December ladies!  Who is getting excited for the holidays?  I have started my shopping but have a ways to go.  We have a bunch of holiday get togethers with friends and family in the coming month which will be fun (with tons of food treats--one of the best parts of the holidays, right?).
Like last year, I'm doing Vlogmas again this December, which is essentially vlogging everyday for the month.  I'll be sharing daily activities along with the parties we attend and various things leading up to Christmas.  I am debating whether I should share the videos here everyday, as well as regular posts.

If you would like, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here so you'll be notified when the new video goes up.
With that, I leave you with day one and two of Vlogmas...


Thanks for watching! xo



Melissa MacKenzie said...

YAY! Love that Vlogmas is back. It must be a ton of work to do but it is so fun! Can't wait to see them all :-)

Michelle said...

I couldn't watch video 2 :( it says content not available.

Amanda @ A.Co est. 1984 said...

@Melly: thanks girl!! xo

@Michelle: oh no! :( Maybe try refreshing the page? It's working for me... here is the YouTube link to watch it directly on my channel if you'd like:

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