Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Holiday Hair Tutorial with Extensions

Hi ladies!  How many of you are heading to a holiday party, want special hair but don't know what to do?

I find this time of year is especially the time of year for undoes and pulling out all the stops.  That said, today I'm sharing a video on a half-up half-down do that is perfect for a festive party, but also not so complex that you can't do it.

The key to the look is adding extensions to give volume and length, but you could do this without them if it's not in your budget or you aren't comfortable with them.  That said, I do quickly show how I clip in my extensions at the beginning of the video so hopefully that helps.

Click below to watch the video...


As always, thank you for watching!

Things I mentioned:
* Hair Extensions | colour BR001/BL200
* Hair Serum -- this stuff is pricey, but unreal good.  If you have a bit of a bigger budget, I'd highly recommend it.


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