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Monday, July 13, 2015

Good morning & happy Monday! 

This past weekend wasn't supposed to be busy but turned out to be such, and the weather was beautiful--we are in full Summer mode, and I couldn't be happier.

On Friday I headed out to my parent's place to stay for the weekend to look after our family dog, Peanut.

We hung out on the back deck, soaked up the late afternoon sun and relaxed.  I made that easy tomato-avocado-arugula salad I'm loving and later grabbed some sushi and headed home to get ready for a concert...


A few of us went to Bluesfest to see Kanye West perform.  It was a beautiful night and the concert was okay.  None of us were blown away but we decided to hit up a hip-hop karaoke club afterwards which was a ton of fun, spur of the moment!

Saturday morning at my parent's place on the back deck, enjoying a basic breakfast and coffee.

This is the breakfast I typically eat Monday through Friday and a lot of people ask about it.  It's super simple and healthy, just frozen berries, oats, flax & tons of cinnamon.  It's not overly sweet, but I find if I eat something super sugary for breakfast I will (1) feel bad, (2) crash shortly after, and (3) crave more sugar for the rest of the day.


Saturday morning gym selfie... which was about 2.5 seconds before a woman walked in and caught me (haha)!

Post-gym protein shake (banana, peanut butter, chocolate protein, skim milk + ice).

I spent the afternoon detailing and cleaning my car.  It was almost four hours of work, but something I do every Spring and have been kind of procrastinating on.  Since I was staying at my parent's place, it offers the perfect location to do the work and the sun was shining.  I Snapchatted my way though this--and the entire weekend, for that matter--did you catch it?  I'm acoest1984.


Much later on that evening, when I was finally done, I showered and headed out to Winners to poke around for an hour before meeting up with Marco.  You can see all the things I tried on, over a couple shopping trips this weekend, on my Facebook page.

Then some Vietnamese food for dinner--can't seem to go a week without this meal, seriously my fave.

Sunday morning at the gym for shoulders.

A quick stop at Zara to check out their semi-annual sale going on right now, on my way home.  I made out with this tank & some light grey, waxed pants (on the shelf in the pic) that I can't find online, similar to these (also have these and love them--on sale now ladies!).


Then I rushed home and quickly got ready to meet up with my girl friend.

I took her to The Upkeep Shoppe in Little Italy for birthday pedicures and it was great.  This is definitely a big step up from a nail bar, but not quite like a spa--a trendier, chic nail place that serves delicious tea while your feet get pampered.  Next time I want to splurge on a pedicure, I will definitely return.

I don't normally splurge on Starbucks but wanted something to cool off with after the pedicures so tried out the new Mango-hibiscus-lemonade (so good!).



Then I took a trip to the mall to poke around a bit.  I went to so many stores, and tried on so many things and left empty handed--such a buzz kill!  

I am searching for more work-appropriate pieces to round out my Summer wardrobe, such as slightly longer skirts (or dresses, which never happen with my height), more warm weather pants (I can't wear black skinnies everyday) and shirts with sleeves (I gravitate towards sleeveless tops, which depending, aren't always work ready).  

I liked these pants, but wasn't totally sold at the time... now I'm thinking I should go back and get them (or order online because then I can get this skirt and the peplum top above too!).

On Sunday evening I made pulled chicken Caesar salads and we caught up on our show, Suits!

Hope you had a great weekend & thank you for reading! xo


Roxi said...

Okay, that's it I'm having vietnamese food for dinner tonight! I love your makeup in that first picture and that black and white outfit with the gladiator sandals is so cute!!

Roxi - goldenpolkadots.blogspot.com

acoest1984 said...

Haha that's amazing! Did you do it?!
Thanks Roxi! 💗

586Rexford said...

Amanda, those pink pants with the white tuxedo stripe look amazing on you!!! You don't have anything like these so I think it would be a great addition to your wardrobe. The white peplum top, with the cutout, in the background looks so pretty too! I don't think you could go wrong with either piece!

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