Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

On Saturday morning I got up pretty early and had the day to myself since Marco was playing in a golf tournament.  It was actually quite nice to have zero plans but plenty of options.  Will I clean?  Will I shop? Will I sit around in my gym clothes all. day. long. ?! 
I hit the gym mid morning and then made a couple of stops on my way home.  Then, got super productive and cleaned and did laundry all afternoon, which wasn't very fun but I turned up the EDM and got it done.

I made myself a really simple breakfast--that bread is from Farm Boy and it's a flax bread and so freaking good.  I don't eat sandwiches nor toast often (even though I love them), but when I do, this mealy loaf is my fave.

I pulled out all my flat sandals and vacuumed their home... and then didn't put them back #wompwomp

sweatshirt // urban planet cut offs (similar) // converse // bag
We decided to go out for a casual date night on Saturday for, my fave, Vietnamese food!  Ugh, I could eat this everyday.

The next morning we went to brunch with my family for Mother's Day.  Of course my Mom and I didn't get a picture together but this one below is my favourite from her birthday three years ago.
This guy--always with the faces!  It's hard to get a serious, smiley photo with him but he always makes me laugh (and then I threaten to post the silly-faced ones).

I have this racer-back tank top in several colours and love it!  It's my go-to for working out and so similar to the Lululemon ones that are twice the price.

I picked up the MPG leggings I'm wearing above (in lieu of returning a sports bra that didn't fit quite right) on Saturday, after my workout.  I didn't realize they were the perfect match to my recent zip-up purchase (similar zip up); I'll be honest, I love a good matching set.

On Sunday evening our friend invited us over for a BBQ with a few other friends.  It was low key and delicious and the perfect way to end the weekend--despite us being bundled in scarves and jackets.

Lastly, I'm loving SnapChat and weekends tend to be when I post the most!  Come hang out, if you'd like, I'm acoest1984 or just take a pic of the below widget in SnapChat and it will do the work of adding me for you.


Kelly said...

That farm boy bread is DELICIOUS! It's my favourite too!
Now I want an egg sandwich :(

Amanda @ A.Co est. 1984 said...

@Kelly: Hahahaha yes!! Farm Boy bread lovers unite!

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