Thursday, April 9, 2015

Neutrals in Rome


For this 12-day trip, packing was definitely an obstacle, more specifically it being my first trip of such length.  I have been doing my best to mix and match everything I brought, and kept that in mind while packing a mixture of neutrals and a few same-colour pieces to keep it effortless yet somewhat stylish.

Rome was really cold and rainy the day before we shot these photos, but fortunately the sun came out the next day.  Don't let those rays fool you, it was still quite chilly, under 10 degrees Celsius and I bundled up in my jacket and scarf after!

I'm still looking for the perfect Italian leather boot while we are here, which I was hoping to find sooner than later so I could wear them here (and throw these Pumas out because they are done-zo after this trip and multiple days in the rain--yuck!).  If not, at least before we come home on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

As much as I loved Rome, Florence was for sure the highlight of my trip when I went. Following you on your trip brings back so many great memories and has me flipping through my photos :) I hope you guys are enjoying Italy! I would love to go back and tour the Amalfi coast (so jealous!). My parents did that a couple years ago and just raved about it!
My pumas got totally wrecked on my trip too! Rained for 3 days straight, mostly when we were in Venice, and I didn't find any suitable replacement shoes so I stuck them out - they were so gross! Ha! Hopefully you have better luck on your hunt :) Enjoy the rest of your trip!!!

Amanda @ A.Co est. 1984 said...

@Midori: Ahhh, thank you SO MUCH! I laughed when I read your Pumas got wrecked too--womp womp. Mine are so gross too! ACK! LOL. I know you know exactly what I mean--the rain does NO FAVOURS to them (nor the fact that I hate wearing socks :P lol). Thanks again for the sweet comment :)

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