Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Look Back at September

Here we are the end of September and it's definitely Fall in these parts.  Marco and I kicked off September by traveling to New York to celebrate our anniversary (see a short two-minute video here).  When we got back, I bought several bikinis--on sale!--from Ardene, since my shopping during our trip was minimal.

I looked after Peanut one weekend and found a mirror for my walk-in closet.  I made three-ingredient peanut butter cookies (recipe here), bought some new boots and went to a party where a friend brought the most amazing, gourmet, meatballs.

I detailed my car, shared my first Fall outfit of the year and got the new iPhone 6 (thanks to a very generous boyfriend).  I shared an almost-all-black outfit, obsessed over these two-ingredient pancakes, and since I was supposed to travel to Vegas but fell ill at the last minute, I shared my tips and tricks on packing for a four-day holiday in only a carry-on.



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