Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Friday was great, I went for a pedicure, did some shopping after work and then met up with Marco at the gym.

Afterwards we...

More photos after the jump...

...grabbed some Thai take-out and relaxed at home.

The next morning, totally pulling, 'The couple that matches together...' in our new Puma kicks.  Marco got these and I followed suit the same day because I think it's completely adorable and corny to match like that.  Bonus we got them for 50% off.

After hitting the gym on Saturday morning we hit the road and headed to...

...New York (state) for the afternoon.

We went to pick up a very special and exciting package I had shipped there from My-Wardrobe...

New shoes!  I unwrapped the box in the car, still in my gym clothes, and am just beaming from ear-to-ear.  Then I pulled a, 'People of Walmart' move trotting around in these in the store.  These are the Iro shoes I talked about from Vegas and will share them in an outfit post this week.

I picked up a few make-up items while in Walmart which were cheaper than in Canada (except the OPI which is about the same with the exchange).  The Neutrogena lipgloss is a new product (I think) and I really like it.  Maybelline has recently discontinued my favourite ShineSensational lip gloss and I've been looking for a replacement and I think this will be it.  Bonus as it has an SPF 20.

Once home, I made a quick late lunch of eggs and toast, checked my email and showered and got dressed.

I headed out to meet Serena (full outfit post coming soon).

That night, Marco and I watched the movie Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, which was quite good.

Sunday morning.

It's been a while since we've been to our fave breakfast spot, so this happened--and they accidentally gave me bacon.  I didn't mind.

Then we headed out to my parent's place Sunday evening for a Fathers' Day BBQ.

Hope you had a great weekend (I'm already looking forward to the next one--is that terrible?! Am I alone!?).



Drew said...

I've noticed that a few people have asked you if Marco was in Vegas with you and you just don't answer...which is pretty rude. People come to spend time reading your blog and you just ignore their comments...definitely not polite.

LC said...

YOU'RE NOT ALONE!! I'm excited for the next one too!! ;)
Can hardly wait.

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

@Drew: Hi there, not trying to be rude, Marco was working while I was in Vegas. Thanks for reading :)

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to reading your weekend posts. Can't wait to see the shoes you got :-)

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