Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What's in my fridge.

Today I'm sharing with you what's in my fridge... why?  Why not.  When I filmed this, I talked about everything I held up and why I like to buy or keep it in my fridge but decided that was kind of boring and too long so I sped things up to keep it quick and interesting.

Thanks for watching!  xo

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Anonymous said...

Watching this makes me feel like I should clean out my fridge. I feel the same as you about seeing what other people like to buy at the grocery store.

Kate West said...

Have you changed some of your settings? I am not able to watch this video on my tablet. It says that the owner of the video has not made the video available on mobile devices.
Please change it!!!! I love watching your videos!

LC said...

Love this! Quirky, fun and thought provoking (yes.. thought provoking). I'm totally going to get some fridge-friendly bowls for keeping in the fridge. Never dawned on me! Serves an organizational purpose and looks great!

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