Thursday, August 1, 2013

Xtreme Waterparks: Our TV Episode / Debut!

Last Labour Day, three friends and I spent a day at Calypso, a water park in Ottawa, filming a tv show called Xtreme Waterparks with the Travel Channel (you can read about the experience HERE).

It's been almost a year and the episode finally aired last Sunday night and it's so cool!  In this episode called, 'Getting Wet in San Diego', we are the first--of four--featured water parks in the show.  Our portion is about seven minutes long.  It's so neat seeing yourself on tv--in a bikini and without make-up, no less--and this is a great memento to have forever.  


See all my posts about the journey of Xtreme Waterparks HERE.



Blondie said...

Fun! Are you actually afraid of waterslides or was that a gimmick for the show?

A.Co said...

@Blondie: I was FREAKING OUT over that one where the floor drops away. They totally cashed in on my fear and had me play it up, but I was actually VERY anxious and nervous. I didn't want to do it. AFter the first time, it wasn't so bad, but after the THIRD take, I was like, 'Okay, I'm done.' :P

Allie said...

Your fear didn't really seem genuine.

Anonymous said...

:( it says the video is blocked in the US due to copyright issues

A.Co said...

@Allie: lol, I'm not sure what you'd like me to say to that; I can assure you it was :)

@Anon: Try this link (copy and paste it into your browser)

Ken said...

Amanda you are too cute.
Calypso rules!!
A totally sick park.

Anonymous said...

What a fun video! I had the same reaction on the Aqua loop slide...scared the crap out of me! Calypso is amazing!

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