Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Who do you tip?

I was listening to the radio the other morning, and they were talking about full service gas stations and how you should tip them.  I'm often of the mind-set, 'When in doubt, tip' but it had never crossed my mind to tip at the gas station (which I'm kind of embarassed to admit).  Admitidly you are paying more for full service, and I guess that was my rationale.



Anonymous said...

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Miko said...

Aside from servers, I tip:
-gas station attendants
-salon services (hair cut/colour/manicure/massage etc)
-taxi/car service
-bag boys at grocery stores if they bring my cart to my car
-luggage porters
-food delivery
-valet parking

A.Co said...

@Anon: I do, but it's a fake one :S Sorry.

@Miko: dry cleaners & alterations is the one I never thought to tip! Thanks for sharing your list.

Lindsay said...

I would never think to tip a gas station attendant. I have a tough time sometimes with tipping because I think "no one tips me to do my job that I already get paid for".

I do tip: salon services, food delivery people, and occasionally hotel staff if we are staying at a place for an extended period of time.

Isla said...

Don't feel badly; I would never have thought to tip gas station attendants either. I don't think most people would think of that one.

I tip for all of the following:

-salon services (hair cut/colour/manicure/massage etc)
-taxi/car service
-luggage porters
-food delivery
-valet parking
-servers and bartenders
-hotel staff no matter what length of time I'm staying there (I don't imagine that being a chamber maid is an overly pleasant, really well-paying job so to not tip someone who cleans your room just because you might not be there for an extended period of time is really rude in my opinion - just reading one of the comments above)

Anonymous said...

I think a great rule of thumb is to tip anyone who you believe has provided notable customer service.I think people tip far too often because it is socially expected, and less because they have been provided with great/good service.
For example - you'd tip in the salon for your awesome cut and colour, but it wouldn't make sense to tip if they botched colour and gave a 'lawnmower' cut. (This opens a can of worms for restaurant/bar staff as their wages are below minimum wage - I do believe though that if they don't provide decent service.. or are absolutely aweful - it is not my/our responsiblity to tip them to subsedize their income.)
This would help cover the people that you woudln't normally think to tip as well. If they've made you happy, helped you out, done a good/great job etc. tip! If they cannot accept a tip (it happens), I'll always write in a complementary email in hopes that the person gets credit down the line.

A.Co said...

Loving this discussion, everyone!! Thanks for commenting thus far :)

@Anon: I agree with what you're saying. I always feel bad about the restaurant thing though, but it's soooo frustrating when you receive poor service and are 'supposed' to tip. Having worked as a server, I know the tips have to be spread out amongst the kitchen (sometimes) and busboys/hostesses etc. but at the same time, if you're a server, you should work for your tip.

Diana said...

In NJ, all of our gas stations are full-service - you aren't even allowed to pump your own gas here - and I have never, ever seen anyone tip a gas attendant. I don't think the attendants even expect to be tipped.

I tip wait staff at sit-down restaurants, valet attendants, delivery people (food, techs who deliver and install new appliances/carpeting, etc), salon services. However, I tip according to the quality of service received. I've never NOT tipped, but I have left poor tips when the service was disappointing. I consider myself a very good tipper, and generally tip 25% or more for a pleasant experience, so I guess even my smaller tips are probably acceptable. I should work on that, ha.

I don't tip at places like Dunkin Donuts or when I go to pick up a pizza or something even though there is a tip jar. If I'm just ordering a coffee or picking up a pizza, I see no reason to pay you more for doing your job. If I ordered 15 coffees, all made differently, then yeah, I'd leave a tip - but not for hitting a button on a coffee machine to fill a cup and throwing a donut in a bag. Then it makes me wonder, if I'm expected to tip these people, where does it end? Should we be tipping bank tellers or the cashiers at McDonald's? I work in clothing and shoe retail and don't work on commission. On many days, I have customers who treat me like I'm supposed to be their personal shopper. They don't tip me afterwards, and they shouldn't - it's my job to try to sell them things and provide excellent customer service overall.

Amie in Pittsburgh PA said...

I always tip servers, bartenders, may nail girl, my hair guy, and I do tip at the gas station... because in the Pittsburgh, its odd to have a full service.

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