Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Condo: Walk-In Closet Inspiration

Although it's still almost two years away from my new condo being ready, I thought I would post any inspiration I have for what will be a blank slate.  I like looking at others' inspiration and also, it will be a great resource for me to go back when I do move and start the decorating process.

Since I will have an entire room dedicated to my closet (eep!), I have many, many ideas swirling in my head.  I'm not sure if I want a dark theme (my initial thought) with dark shelves and drawers, or a white coloured theme (some of the photos with that are so pretty).  Additionally, wouldn't it be so cool to be able to hang your lingerie (instead of stuffing it in a drawer and hat boxes like I do now)?  I already have a manequin which I love to dress up and I just ordered two acrylic bracelet t-stands to further organize my accessories.

Here are some photos I've found online that I'm drawn to.

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* If a photo belongs to you, please let me know and I will credit the source properly.  These have been saved for several months on my computer and I don't typically source them when I save them for personal use.



Colette said...

What kinds of floors are you going to have in your new place? Dark hardwood or light hardwood? If you're going to have dark hardwood, I'd do the dark shelves....I think that would look amazing!

A.Co said...

@Colette: I'm definitely going to go with dark hardwood so that is a great tip/idea!! I hadn't even thought of that; THANK YOU!! :)

Sam said...

Oh dear, I am now suffering from some serious closet envy... haha! Getting a new condo is great, but I can't even imagine how excited you are to design this room! I like white shelving etc. Looks clean and makes colours pop! :)

MelMac!! said...

A whole room dedicated as a closet! Seriously jealous! I love the idea of handing your lingerie and dedicates.

A.Co said...

@MelMac: it was a requirement when buying! I'm living in a one-bedroom right now and half my dining room is a closet (eye sore alert!) so... I need more space for this stuff!! LOL.

@Sam: Good point, white DOES make things pop!! Another consideration :)

Andrea Mc said...

OMG... My FAAAVVVVV subject!!!! would love to have one entire room dedicated to a closet!!
Although i love the dark hardwood, i think a closet should have SOME girly/frilly/zebraprinty things in it and IMO white makes things easier to see, has a cleaner look, and makes all other colours pop!! like the zebra print or cow print area rug you can throw down on the floor!

Amie in Pittsburgh PA said...

Amanda... for inspiration... look at Lisa Vanderpumps dressing room. I am sure it is on line somewhere... It is gorgeous!


A.Co said...

@Amie in P, PA: Oooh!! I will, thanks :)

Lianna said...

That was a well built-in closet inspiration. I think that these kinda systems are very effective in maintaining the space and comfort of our bedroom. Keep on posting!!!

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