Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Isabel Marant 'Bekket' Shoes (sort of...)

I have had my eye on the Isabel Marant 'Bekket' or 'Willow' (older version) since January.

Yes.  JanuaryI have been coveting hi-top wedge sneakers since the beginning of this year.

I wish I could say these are the real deal, but I couldn't justify spending over $700 on... sneakers.

So, I did the next best thing: eBay.  

I purchased these through the seller besttopstock and am quite pleased.  The shipping was free and the price was comparable to other listings.  They arrived within three weeks, which was faster than expected (from China to Canada).  I can personally tell these are not the designer goods, but they are a cool knock-off and quite comfortable.  They fit fairly true to size, but run a little narrow.  

I wore these out last night for the first time (they just arrived yesterday!) with the skinny jeans you see above and an off-the-shoulder white sweater.  I can't wait to rock these with a leather mini skirt and my distressed denim shorts (c'mon Indian summer!).

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| C AND C | Sarmin said...

Love, love, love!
I need to go click on the ebay link now, I want a pair too.

isabel marant said...

they are perfect good. i want to buy a pair.

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