Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Pool Party

Last Friday my girl friends and I took the day off work (rendering us with an extra long weekend) and my bff hosted us at her place with her amazing pool.  The weather was perfect (about 35 degrees C) and we spent the day lounging and swimming, gossiping and enjoying each others' company.

We decided to make it a potluck brunch to ensure we were fed, hydrated and happy.  I brought that breakfast pizza I'm getting so good at making (and used tomato sauce on it this time; it's good!) and there was a ton of fruit, salads, dips and more.  ...And of course several cold-cooler-spritzer-liquid beverage varieties.  

I would love to share some photos with you:

Fun story: one of the girls uploaded the first photo of all of us to Facebook and we ended up getting a radio shout-out on the air!  They even named us all, wishing us a great day.  Cute!


Unknown said...

oh fun! i love the idea of all bringing your own plate of food to share. sooo jealous of your weather right now, its freeeeeezing where i am in australia right now!
and yay for the radio shout out.

Schnelle said...

All of that food looks delish- a potluck pool party is such a great idea!

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