Thursday, May 3, 2012


Outfit deets:
* Joe Fresh denim jacket (new!)
* H&M tank with Smart Set cami underneath
* Bongo pants which I seem to be wearing quite a bit lately.  Seen with stripes and polka dots and booties.
* Aldo wedges which are a bit of a go-to pair.  Suede, neutral, easy to walk in, what more can you ask for?
* Accessories: Suzy belt worn as a necklace, Auslini bangle & F21 ring

I might as well entitle this post, 'Sleep Problems, the new version of #firstworldproblems' because in no big way is this 'problem' really that big... but it's frustrating.

Lately, I have been having trouble sleeping.  Now, I have had my fair share of sleep problems throughout the last tumultuous year but have come a long way.  So much so that my problems relating to sleep on that front, dissipated a while ago.  So what's going on with my body, or should I say mind, now?  Well, to me it feels like attack of the social media. 
Okay.  This is going to sound crazy.

I know this because it seems crazy to me.

I feel with all the social media out there, and being someone who loves to be a part of it (Twitter, Instagram, blogging... etc.), it's hard to catch a breath and shut down.  I feel like I'm constantly plugged in, and while I love it, it sometimes makes me anxious.  Anxious!  Can you believe that?!  I'm anxious over social media and it's supposed to be an enjoyable, free thing.  So weird.

At night, especially on Sundays (the night before the week begins!), I find myself replaying things over and over in my mind.  I'm trying to think if I'm caught up; is my blog post done for the next day?  Did I check Twitter?  What are my 'friends' doing on Instagram?  What do I need to do this week?  Will I have content or something to talk about on my blog?  Did I buy milk?  What is next on the check-list for MOH duties for my sister's upcoming wedding?  Is there food for lunch tomorrow to take to work?  What the hell am I going to wear?!

Now admittedly those aren't all social media anxieties, but they get compiled in with my other worries as I try to drift off into la-la-land, which makes it oh-so-frustrating.

I have tried sleep apps on my phone (waves & rain work best for me) but the anxiety rolls on.  I have taken Melatonin a couple times but I try not to do this frequently as I don't want to become dependent; and while it works, I worry about the idea of even taking some sort of pill to sleep.  Isn't that bad?  And shouldn't someone like me who doesn't really have a real 'problem', be able to fall asleep without some sort of aid?

Do any of you suffer from social-media-anxiety?  Sounds so silly.  What about sleep problems?  Real sleep problems.



Andi said...

This sounds like internet addiction rather, the social media part at least. One symptom of it is that you think about what might be going on online while you are offline. I have it, too and have yet to find an effective cure, but I don`t really want to :) Hope you feel (sleep) better soon! Andrea

ana said...

I'm anxious by nature. I'm always worried about everything around me, so as a result, I have sleep problems. I have to wake up every day at 6.15 AM and Im never on my bed before 00:00. One of the reason of my sleep problems is my boyfriend : ) he snores. Other than this I would say another part of sleep problems is the fact that I'm a foreign living here in Belgium, as despite the fact that I've been living here for about 5 years, its like I really don't feel home. I'm always missing something...

Schnelle said...

I can realte to an extent. I get sucked into my laptop and iphone all the time and loose track of time and then feel rushed to get things done or like there isn't enough time in a day because I want to make sure I read all of my blogs, comment, compose my own posts, check my other daily websites, respond to emails, pin some stuff on pinterest etc. It's definitely hard to find balance!

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