Saturday, March 17, 2012

Florida Update

You guys I'm in Florida!  I'm having such a great time and am finally unwinding and relaxing.  You know when you first arrive on vacation and you're all go-go-go!?  Well, I am, and it takes me a few days to come down from the regular pace of life and just simply enjoy doing nothing, basically.  I think I'm almost there.

Today I spent all day at the beach, which was glorious.  It was over 80 degrees, sunny and breezy (we are staying in Cocoa Beach, Florida so the wind off the ocean is great as you can lie on the beach all day and not sweat, but it's still uber warm).  I finished reading my book, I swam in the ocean (I body surfed & boogie boarded), I walked down to the pier and I sat out in the sun and relaxed (wearing SPF 30, of course).  My spray tan is slowly fading and the albino in me is slowly showing her face (ha), but that's okay.  People often comment when I come back from vacation that I 'didn't get much colour', but that's because I'm so fair skinned that one week in the sun isn't going to render me much colour, on top of that, I do tend to stay out of the sun (save today) as I try to be preventative (pre-mature aging) and I know I won't get much colour anyways!

I just finished dinner with my family and we ate at the condo for the first time since I've been here.  Last night we went to this little pizzaria on the main street where you can get a pasta dish, salad and garlic bread for $5.99.  What?!  Where I'm from, that would be at least $15 and it was good, and there was a lot of food.  I love eating down here, it's cheap and the portions are huge. 

So I have five more days left in my holiday and then it's home time.  So far the weather has been amazing, sunny and beautiful.  Yesterday, my mom and I hit up Ross, Payless Shoes & Bealls.  Although I tried on a ton of stuff at Ross, I only walked away with a couple items.  The day before that was more successful at Target where I found a couple bikini tops, some new skinny pants (in magenta!) and some awesome Elf make-up products (we don't have Elf in Canada) including a super bright pink blush.  We still need to hit TJ Maxx and maybe a few other places and I really hope I can go to a favourite: Bijoux Terner, which is at the Orlando outlet, before I head home.

Hope you are all having a great weekend & fabulous St. Patty's day!

 Not my favourite photo, but for blog purposes, I'm letting you guys see it!



LandOfTheGlam said...

The weather there has been beautiful lately! I cannot wait to go in April! Btw..Bealls is great for costume jewelry!

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

glad you're having fun! and 5.99 is super cheap- wow.

glad you're getting some shopping in.

Rachel said...

You are in my neighborhood! Glad you are enjoying yourself!

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