Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend (+ more) Recap: iPhone Snaps

1.  Tune & a make-shift lunch on Friday at work (tuna, arugula, hummus & feta wrapped up).
2.  Coy fish pond.
3.  Pretty, frozen trees.
4.  Home made beef nachos for Friday night dinner.
5.  Shawarma plate dinner after purchasing a used armoir and bringing it home (phew!).
6.  Saturday morning blueberry pancakes.
7.  Milk-bag utility bag made by seniors at my grandparent's residence (it takes 500 milk bags and approximately 198 hours to make one!).
8.  The mess after one of my shoe racks fell apart while trying to move it.
9.  A new maxi dress from Urban Planet ($20) that is actually long enough for me.
10.  My newest upgrade: 4S (so pumped!).



Anonymous said...

Seriously? Where's hubs????!!!!! I dont get it, what r u up to???

Schnelle said...

Those nachos look soooo good right now. Holy shoes! That is one beautiful mess right there!

jamie said...

Dying over that Maxi!! $20?!?!!? S-C-O-R-E!!!

julianne. said...

you're just too cute.
i love the maxi!

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