Thursday, October 20, 2011

Holding a Baby

I'm not really a baby person.  Does that sound bad?  It's true. I'm not one to ooh and ahh over a baby, coo at them or really take any interest in them.  It always felt awkward, and weird, like I just didn't get it.  I sometimes felt weird being a girl who wasn't into babies.  I've never been one to yearn for a child or wish away my freedom (aka baby-free life) too soon for a baby, and while I would like that someday, not just yet, please. 

However, that is slowly changing.  Instead of feeling 'meh' about babies, I'm starting to really like babies.  I even request to hold them when they are around and I like to make those silly noises and talk in that elevated voice.  I'm even quite comfortable holding a baby, whereas before it was total awkwardness.  And while I'm no where near to being close to wanting my own, I'm kind of digging babies lately.  How do you feel holding a baby?

* That cutie that I'm holding above is the reason I attended a baby shower back in the spring.  Isn't she adorable!?



s smallcomb said...

Aaww what an adorable baby! I hear ya tho. Up until I had my daughter, holding a baby was awkward to say the least. And now that my daughter is 8, I miss babies so much. Even that slight Johnsons baby wash/spit-up smell. I beg my sisters to take their baby for the weekend. I've been told it's called baby fever, lol.

Schnelle Couture said...

I know what you mean. I think it depends on the kid but generally speaking, I don't care much for other people's babies or kids. I know, that sounds really horrible, but I think when it's your own you have a completely different feeling. I'm in my mid 20's and definitely still not ready mentally(& not ready to let go of my freedom).

Michelle said...

I love babies! She is so cute.
How many do you want? By what age do you want babies??
I cant wait to be a mom!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

I know more and more girls who are like that, a lot of women at my office. It's the best when those types become Moms and you get to see them melt like everyone else! :)

Anonymous said...

You'll probably end up having a baby just for the photo-ops, kind of like your wedding.

Julia said...

Seriously, Anon? So rude....

Marionberry Style said...

Well...I wanted to leave a comment that I love these pics and am totally with ya on the baby train (always would get super excited for puppies...babies not so much until lately :-)).
But then I see what anon left as a message. I just wanted to send you an internet hug from Denver. Don't put any time/energy in the haters girl!
While I'm at it, here is a fav quote that I think about nearly every day in my work as a psychologist:
"Yuor observations and subsequent conclusions about others often reveal more about yourself than those whom you observe."
XO - Marion

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