Saturday, June 18, 2011


Why didn't I pull the trigger on these while they still had my size?  Why, self, why!?  ...I guess I could still get them in orange...


sharonlei said...

These shoes bring a smile to my sick face. Urgh, I'm still sick! WTF. I want to enjoy my summer, but I feel like I've had this cold on and off since the end of the semester (May).

Maybe they'll restock these babies. You need them.

Still miss you!

xx Love & Aloha

Schnelle Couture said...

Love em'! I've also been coveting a pair of yellow heels lately. They're just so fun.

Katie said...

Wow, those are so cute, and not expensive!

Melanie said...

Those shoes rock!!! I love the whole outfit :)
xoxo (Mel from I Pink i Love You)

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