Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend iPhone Snaps

Friday night dinner out: pecan crusted chicken salad  |  I wore my new feather earrings

Hello Monday!  Did everyone have a nice weekend?  Mine was busy, as I knew it would be but went fairly slowly (surprise, surprise).  I snapped a few photos with my iPhone over the weekend to share with you all.

mothers' day menu: ziplock bag omelets  |  mothers' day menu: fruit salad  |  new striped pillow
neighbour's new puppy (black lab, 8 weeks)  |  flowers from my grammy


myedit said...

For a second I got really excited over your new puppy... but then I read the words. Sooo cute!
And what's this with omelette in a bag? Is that just a time saver?

kendallcrow said...

ziplock omelets! my dad makes these every year during our family reunion for our huuuuge family. such an awesome idea :) and awww puppy love! i have a seriously bad case of the "i want a puppy" syndrome.


Jamie said...

I am in desperate need of new throw pillows for my couch...Mine are pathetic and disgusting! Problem is I have yet to find the perfect pattern... I love this striped one! Where did you go?!

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