Thursday, April 7, 2011

You Asked...

Thanks for you questions and comments on my 'Responding to You' post - I loved your questions.  If you had a question and didn't get it in on time, visit my Formspring page where you can ask anonymously.  Onto the answers!

1.  I always wonder are your the third person from the left in the picture above with your blog name?  Thank you!  That isn't me, but she does have a great booty and tiny waist.  I also really dig her kicks.  (For the record, none of them are me)

2.  Which is your favorite store/site to buy affordable shoes?  Urban Original

3.  What do you do for a job?  I'm an Executive Assistant.

4.  Do you want any kids?  Yes, two, but not anytime soon.

5.  Do you have any wild and crazy blog goals?  ie - do you want to monetize, ever do blogging as a living?  I would love to blog for a living (is that possible?) but am very happy to have it as a hobby / passion.  As far as monetizing, yes, that'd obviously be great (make some money while doing something I love?  Um, does it get more awesome than that?) but nothing wild and crazy.  I want to improve the esthetic of my blog, learn better HTML and pull in a bigger audience.

6.  What is your favorite pair of shoes out of your collection?  These... no these... wait, these

7.  What's your favorite part about Canada?  I haven't traveled much in Canada but I love summer where I live.  It gets super hot (30 degrees C, or more) and there is beautiful scenery.

8.  What's the biggest rumor you hear about Americans?  (Caitlin!) How do I know if it's a rumour or not?  I'm Canadian!  Just kidding.  Probably that all Americans are overweight.  I mean, that's obviously not true but I personally do enjoy the massive portion sizes (for cheap) you get in restaurants down there.

9.  How do u get motivated to work out?  Ugh, certainly not easy on most days.  I think finding something you love to do helps; for me that's mainly classes (Zumba, BodyPump, Spinning, etc.).  I like having someone yell at me and keep me focused.  Being surrounded by others doing the same thing pushes me.  Also, I love working out with a friend.  It's not a social thing, it's more of a they-are-counting-on-me-to-be-there thing, and it helps because we are motivating each other.  However, I do mainly work out alone.



Elaine said...

Hahahaha loved #8. So true.

Elaine said...

I also sent you an email about #5! Check it!

modern.girl said...

a lot of americans are obese. it's sad, but guess what? no one forced them to supersize everything. when i get fat, i have no one else to blame, but myself. us americans really need to take responsibilities for our own actions.

featherfactor said...

Love this post! I'm a fan of interview posts...and I agree on the American obesity rumor...sad but slightly true.

Jamie said...

OMG number 8 is the beeeeest!!!! hahahahahaha!! Americans ARE overweight! (hence tomorrows post!)

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