Monday, March 8, 2010


How amazing are these Michael Kors watches?  So nice.  I know my gf JM is craving one.  Is this what you had in mind, J? 



Coley said...

I have also been coveting a MK watch. I even like the white resin watch. LOVES.

Anonymous said...

Damn you! I ADORE these watches... I am dying for one...maybe my own bday gift?! LOL

J. xo

Veronika said...

I have the one on the left except mine is all silver (it's not that clear band). I absolutely love it! The little rhinestones in the faceplate are too cute :) I wear it everyday!

Keri said...

Ah! I've totally have had my eye on that Michael joes watch, love the gold chunky chain detail. How cute with that look with a sailor striped shirt? Xx

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