Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fondue Friendsgiving + 5 Tips for Hosting

The other night, we hosted some friends for a holiday Fondue Friendsgiving, which was not only our first dipping party, but also the first festive gathering of the season!

I'd love to share some photos with you if you'd like to see, along with my five tips for hosting...

This DIY ice bucket added some colour and holiday cheer to the coffee table, where I set up a small vino station.

Rosemary, cranberries, pear & pomegranate are all holiday-ready ingredients that add a festive element to the party.

We host quite a bit throughout the holidays and, like any other time of the year, I'm always snapping photos.  Since most parties are during the evening, I tend to be disappointed with the turnout of my iPhone photos.  I recently picked up the Olympus PEN E-PL7 and it's a game changer!  

Not only can you easily adjust the cool and warm tones on the touch screen, the flip down screen makes it ideal for snapping the perfect selfie--case in point, below.  It also has sharing capabilities so you can upload to Instagram immediately #PENWorthy.  Additionally, it feels sturdy and durable so I don't feel nervous passing it off to friends to go and capture moments too.

I took mine out for a test spin for our Fondue Friendsgiving, and needless to say, I'll be packing this compact number in my purse from now on.  

5   T I P S   F O R   H O S T I N G :

1.  Set the table in advance.  I set and styled the table which was one less thing to do on the day of.  Like fashion, layering is key--build an easy table-scape by adding like-tone colours.  I started with a metallic-flecked table cloth in a neutral colour, layered it with my burlap table runner & metallic placemats.  I wanted a festive and natural look, so I worked with wood coasters, a large cutting board and branches with cranberries on them.

2.  Charge the camera batteries the night before & empty your SD card.  If you're like me, and love capturing the moment, there is nothing worse than having your camera die before the party even gets rolling. 

3.  Create a DIY ice bucket.  This is an easy, inexpensive idea that packs a major punch.  I grabbed a wide candle vase I had and placed a glass jar in the middle.  From there, I filled the 'ice bucket' about 1/3 the way up with water, added fresh cranberries & rosemary and popped it in the freezer.  Layer your water/ingredients until full & freeze overnight.  When ready to use, remove from the freezer two hours in advance and fill the centre glass jar with hot water to help release it from the middle.  Return 'ice bucket' to freezer until just before guests arrive.

4.  A special cocktail isn't necessary, but it certainly adds an element of chic.  Since it's the holidays, it's nice to get a little fancy.  This one was a huge hit and seriously delicious.  Bonus points if you have a friend that wants to play bartender!

5.  If you're short on time, it's okay to buy a few pre-made items and mix them in with the menu.  In this case, while I didn't skimp on the beef and chicken for the fondue, I did pick up a delicious pecan pie to serve for dessert.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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