Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

On Friday night, after running around and piling groceries and crap into my car, I stopped at Petit Bills to grab the pecan burger to take home for dinner.  I haven't had this in over a year but it's so freaking good.  I'm a huge burger lover to begin with, and never go for the veggie variety, but this one is top notch.

My new bikini tops came in from F21 and they are super cute.  I'm loving the on-trend halter/high-neck look; it's athletic and chic.  The fit is definitely small, so size up (I got large).
On Friday night we had some friends over, very low-key.  I whipped up a few snacks to have on hand: a cheese board with gluten-free crackers (simply because they taste awesome and are fancy), olives, walnuts and dried cranberries, along with some veggies and hummus and chips.

On Saturday morning I joined my girl friend and we went to see our friend compete in her first, ever, bikini competition (did you see all the Snapchats?).  It was amazing and she rocked it (she's in the middle, in black)!

Afterwards, it was onto the gym.  I did a lighter shoulder workout, my first one since my injury over a week ago and threw in some legs while there.  I was definitely sore and tried not to push it, although it's frustrating this is still bothering me.

That night, Marco BBQ'ed some steaks and I made some of that awesome dill-red-potato salad, which is such a Summer staple in our house.

I spent the evening baking for a baby shower for the next day.  It was definitely a low key evening where far too many cookies ended up being consumed!

This is what I wore to the baby shower on Sunday.  The theme was pink, brown and white (and monkeys) and we were asked to dress accordingly.  I popped a blush pashmina in my bag but it was far too hot to wear it.

The shower was unreal beautiful.  I arrived early to help set up and this was a quick snap I took of the dessert table, later in the afternoon.  I was the official photographer for the event and have so many photos to sort through.  Not sure if anyone would be interested in a details post?

One of the hosts came up with this great make-shift photobooth for the party.  Since it was a monkey theme, she bought leafy garland to create a cool frame on the wall and had tons of fun props to hold up.  Anytime someone wanted to get a photo 'in the photobooth', I just went over and snapped one of them.
I made the signage for the shower and am pretty proud with how it came out.  This is an example of one of the pieces we had, but I also custom created signs for the front welcome table, other games, dessert, a drink menu for the Bartender and more. 
The host is possibly planning to sell off all the décor she bought (there was so much and it was stunning!), so if you or someone you know is planning a pink themed shower and are interested, let me know.

That night, completely exhausted, Marco made a beer can chicken and we vegged on the couch with a movie (that new-ish one with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart--can't remember the name,


Lindsay said...

Can I please have the recipe for the full potatoe salad?? Yum!!

Unknown said...

Where did you actually buy the Wayne Cooper dress from, and when did you get it? I can't find it online anywhere.

Lindsay said...

DILL potatoe salad! Thank you auto correct....

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

@Lindsay: :) I linked to it, but it's a Barefoot Contessa recipe, if you just google that and 'dill potato salad' :)

@Ashley: I bought it several years ago at Winners :( and can't find anything similar by him online (sorry).

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