Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

shoes // tank (similar) // leggings // headphones

On Friday night I literally had to drag myself to the gym, but it was made easier when my girlfriend agreed to come with.  

Afterwards, a few quick errands and I went home to find Marco waiting with sushi for us #yay!

On Saturday, my family and I surprised my mom for her birthday by showing up at my parent's place at 9:30am to cook her brunch.  She was totally shocked and thought we hadn't planned a thing.  

We took over the kitchen and in a big group effort--while my mom relaxed--we cooked up a big bacon and eggs breakfast with mimosas.  For dessert, we made a donut cake to keep with the brunch theme.

zip-up (love this one) // tank (my faves!) // shorts (I have these in several colours; love them) // sports bra (love this one)

Late afternoon, Marco and I hit the gym (to work off those donuts!).

Then we grabbed Vietnamese food.  The evening was quiet which was nice, with several episodes of Game of Thrones!

My favourite pre-workout breakfast.

Then onto the gym to meet a girlfriend at... 8:30am!  #shocking  I'm so not a morning person, especially on weekends but with the warmer weather here, I do like to take advantage of the day.  We had a hard leg workout, which was great, but I was really looking forward to popping into Marshalls afterwards!

I picked up these sports bras (similar) from MPG (one of my favourite workout brands that you can often find at Winners and Marshalls).  I find they fit true to size and I grabbed mediums (in their pants I go for large, whereas with the 90 Degrees by Reflex I am a medium across the board).  

I also picked up these shoes #swoon !!!  I saw them and it was an instant have-to-have moment and they actually had my size.  My Shoemint ones are getting pretty beat up and have a stain on the suede (you can see it in this picture) which is sad because I really love them, so these are a great replacement.  They also come in black and tan.

top // lipstick (130 I want candy) // nail polish

Once I got home and had some lunch, I spent the afternoon filming my next haul video (hint, it's shoes and bags!  Eep!) and editing into the evening.

Took a brief Swiss Chalet dinner break with Marco and one episode of GOT before back to editing and putting together this post.

Hope you had a great weekend and if you're in the US, having a great Memorial Day.  Happy Monday!


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