Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

We woke up on Saturday morning to a massive snowstorm... at the end of March.  Le sigh.  I guess we shouldn't expect Spring any time soon!  That said, it was mild and we were headed up to Mont. Tremblant for the weekend for what might be our last chance to ski this year.

More photos after the jump...

I made my protein pancakes--a weekend staple, as you've come to know--and we packed up to hit the road.

Steeped tea is a must for me in the mornings--I love that caffeine fix, not going to lie.  The further we got away from home, the larger the snowbanks got (and ours are still pretty prominent).

We ended up getting to the mountain in the early afternoon, but the conditions were awful--very choppy and rough.  We did one run and called it a day.  We headed to the condo we rented for the weekend to meet our friends.  I didn't take any photos of the place (it was just a small, one-bedroom spot in the old village), sorry!

Later on, the six of us piled into two cars and drove back to the village in search of dinner.  The others grabbed poutine and Beavertails and we hit up our favourite spot: La Forge.  I always get the chilli in a bread bowl but was craving for something different.  

I was debating a veggie burger (not normally what I'd choose, but didn't want something greasy) and our server suggested the veggie 'sandwich', which was more like a grilled zuchini falafel with a huge salad.  It was so good!  I could seriously eat it every day and was so pleased with my choice.  Marco had his usual burger with fries (of course I stole a few).

The next day the conditions were so much better, however, it was freezing!  The temperature was -27C (which is -17F) and it was mad windy!  We decided to be troopers since that's what we were up for there, and drove to the mountain.  

The wind was so strong it was sometimes hard to keep balanced, but fortunately I had packed several layers and had my full face mask and goggles to keep the snow out.  That said, after a couple runs we had to stop in at the restaurant at the summit to warm up because we were just frozen.

I thought this was a funny photo so I decided to share it, but posted the 'real' one to my Instagram.  I didn't fall but Marco was trying to take my photo and the wind was so strong I was having a hard time standing!  With all the layers it was a serious effort to get back up, I felt cold and defeated (and silly)!  He was a serious trooper though, just for taking his hand out of his mitts to take these photos because the cold was seriously awful.

Marco had some soup but I was feeling a treat so I 'splurged' on this bran muffin and grabbed this super seedy home-made granola bar, which I ate on the car ride home.

When we got home, I unpacked everything and threw in several loads of laundry.  I also decided to give myself a tan and try out this product I picked up at Sally last week.  As most of you know, if you're a long-time reader, I used to get a spray tan regularly but stopped about a year ago and have been just embracing my fair skin.  For the first time I feel confident without a tan, which is great because I think fair skin is about to make a major come-back.  

That said, maybe it was all the bare-legged walking I did in Vegas, or how long this winter has been, but I've been thinking about starting to get spray tans again.  Almost instantaneously, I discovered this product; I was only planning on getting the lotion (left), but they were BOGO at Sally so I figured I'd try the mousse and see which I prefer.  I'll report back later once this tan develops in the morning.

Also gave myself a mani, a usual Sunday night tradition and this is OPI's 'Mod About You'.

Hope you had a warmer weekend than me!



Unknown said...

The cold can totally ruin a day of snowboarding, but sounds like you made the best of it. I only got out a couple times this year because so many of the weekends were just way too cold for me to want to tough it out. I think I get wimpier by the year.

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

@Jill Sarah: I'm with you! I'm shocked at myself that I went out so many times when it was -20C and worse! That said, stopping in to warm up in the chalet for 10-20 minutes actually helps a lot (and so does a gondola ride versus that FREEZING chairlift! :P)

Unknown said...

Its Jenny let me know how the tan stuff works. I'm see-through and use tanner all summer not look like unbaked chicken skin ;)

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