Friday, July 18, 2014

Wood Oven Pizza at Tennessy Willems

Last night, Melissa and I got together again for dinner and this time hit up Tennessy Willems in Hintonburg.  She had never been, so like our outing two weeks ago at El Camino, it was a first time experience.

Now, I have been to this place before, and had take-out as well and the gourmet wood oven pizza is seriously amazing, the salads are fresh and unique and the drink list isn't expansive but will likely suit whatever it is your looking for.

Read on...

I arrived before Melissa so I perused the drink menu secretly hoping she'd be down for a refreshing wine.

She was (!) so we went with a Rosé which was super light and refreshing.

The restaurant is small and only seats 27 people, however, they have recently added a patio to accommodate more.  I made reservations two days earlier without a problem but have tried to walk in with no success in the past.  This place books up fast every night, so plan ahead if you can--it's certainly worth it.  

Quick tip:  When reserving, request table #7; its at the sliding door windows (where we sat) and the best seat in the house for two!

We perused the menu but I secretly knew all day long what I was getting: the pulled pork pizza!

Sunglasses are a must at the window seat!

I especially love that they keep a topped up bottle of water on the table so you can alternate your boozy drinks with H20 to stay hydrated.  

Melissa ordered the Blanco pizza which came with proschuitto, pear, walnuts & gorgonzola cheese.

They keep a huge bottle of spicy oil on the table for drizzling--or drowning--your pizza.  It's also great for crust dipping at the end of your meal.

We were far too full to indulge in dessert despite it looking delicious, so maybe next time.  We ended our night with a stroll down Wellington Street where we stopped to sit and chat for another hour or so before going our separate ways.  

As always, thanks for reading & happy Friday!


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Melissa M said...

Such a great meal and a fun time with you as always!

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