Thursday, May 8, 2014

Vacation Outfit | Denim Shorts + Sweater

Outfit deets: 
* Victoria's Secret bikini top which you saw in Mexico last year.
* Reitmans sweater (new!).
* Colbretti denim cut offs, thrifted & DIY'ed into shorts which you've seen on date night last summer.
* Accessories: G21 shades (yes, from Walmart).

I'm rounding out the last few photos from our vacation to Punta Cana last month.  If I could wear something all the time, it would be something along these lines: shorts & a flowy sweater (or skinny pants and edgy boots).

This week has been a miss mash of stuff, we've had friends over almost every night (one at a time, because that's how we roll, apparently) to catch up and eat.  I've listed--and sold--my shoe and rolling racks.  I've cooked, baked, and vacuumed the condo.  And, the most exciting news of all--and this is serious, 'You need to be grown to get excited for this'--our entertainment unit was delivered and we got a Roomba.  

I know.  The things dreams are made of.

Big dreams, guys.  Serious.  Adult.  Dreams.

Happy Thursday!


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