Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Shorts Overalls | An outfit from vacation

Outfit deets:
* Ardene overalls (new!); I had planned to remove the daisies before we left on vacation but ran out of time.  I know daisies are a huge trend this year but I'm not really feeling it, and despite thinking it's cute on theses, I'll still likely cut them off.
* H&M tank (old).
* Converse sneakers which I finally got to wear outside during our vacation, plus I used them as my travelling shoes instead of my normal flats.

This is a super simple outfit from my trip, but next time I'll style these overalls with a tee.  That was my initial plan, but the t-shirt I brought was too flowy and it wasn't doing any favours to the overalls, nor me.

That said, this denim won't be seeing the light of day for a good month, with the cool temps we are still having.  As an aside, it feels good to at least put away the winter jackets and pull out something a little lighter like leather jackets and trench coats.  Hope you're having a great week thus far and see you tomorrow.


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