Sunday, April 6, 2014

A few new pieces for Punta Cana...

We are leaving for sunny Punta Cana this morning and I just finished packing, cleaning and getting everything in order.  As I mentioned, I had a helluva time while shopping this past week--it seems when you have things in mind, you cannot find them for the life of you.

All that to say, I spent Saturday running around with Marco doing last minute errands and some shopping, for both of us.  He was quite successful but it wasn't until my final trip out after a few hours of cleaning at home, where I found some items.  I'm so excited I found some vacation-specific pieces--things that I certainly can't wear here for a few more months.

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Item details after the jump...
1.  Ardene overalls  |  Picked these up on my lunch hour this week, was a little hesitant on the trend but am kind of excited to rock them.  I was going to remove the daisies but have run out of time.

2.  Suzy Shier necklace  |  I could not believe my luck when I scored this Saturday night, it was the only one in the store and under $10.

3.  Ardene striped bikini top  |  I'm going to mix this with my Victoria's Secret polka dot bottoms.

4.  Sirens kimono  |  I was really coveting this one from Urban Outfitters but just couldn't fork out the $80 for such a trendy piece.  When I get back, I plan to buy some fabric and make my own.

5.  Ardene bikini top  |  I love how this one ties in the front, it's like nothing I already own and I love a good black bikini.  Bonus is that I scooped up the two tops for $20 total.

6.  Sirens skort  |  The Zara via Isabel Marant knock-off.  This skort has made it's rounds on the 'net and I even tried on the Zara one several months ago but the fit was weird in the bum (umm, wedgie).  Now, it seems everyone and their mother is coming out with their own version and I tried on one at Target and Sirens and this one fit the best.  Bonus it was only $15 (so I scooped it up in black as well).

7.  Suzy Shier plate necklace  |  Another statement piece and under $10.

8.  Le Chateau wedges  |  These make the list despite me picking them up a few weeks ago since I haven't worn them yet and I'm bringing them with me.  I saw these on their website and picked them up the same day I got the lace-up heels.

9.  (centre) Forever 21 low-back tank  |  I have been searching for loose fitting, low-back tanks for working out to show off the back of my sports bra and this one fit the bill.  I think it would look really cute with jean shorts too.



Danna said...

Great pieces! Can you possibly do a DIY on the kimono if you end up making one of your own?


Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

@Danna: absolutely! Thanks for asking :)

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