Thursday, February 27, 2014

NEW SHOES | Zara Strappy Leather Sandal

I feel like almost everyone & their mother owns these Zara beauties from last summer and I specifically made a point not to purchase them--not because I didn't want them, simply because I didn't need them.

Well, enter Zara semi-annual sale and one pair left in my size for $19.99.


And so, these sweet sandals came home with me.  That said, if you're still hung up on them, there are still a bunch kicking around on eBay and while you'll pay a pretty penny unlike myself, you'll likely end up with a pair without a pen mark on the back side... unlike myself.

* I know I shared these in my Weekend Snaps, but I feel all new shoes--that are pretty enough--deserve their own post.
* Here is this year's version of the sandal, with a slightly thicker heel.


1 comment

Princess Audu said...

Great find, I'm so jealous. Love the shoes.

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