Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Friday night dinner out with my boo.  We grabbed some Vietnamese an impromptu Vietnamese dinner at Ox Head.

I picked up one of these wallflowers plugs from Bath & Body Works after work on Friday because while I love lighting candles almost nightly when I'm at home, I want the place to smell great to come home to.  I picked up two bulbs in a spiced pumpkin scent (can't remember the actual name) that were on sale for $3 each, and allhough this plug is chic enough to be out on display, where my plug is, it's hidden. 

Goofing around at the gym on Saturday.

I hit up Marshalls and ended up walking away with a ton of new workout gear--one item being this sports bra.  I filmed a haul video on Sunday afternoon so that will be up soon.  Are photos of interest to see the items too?

Saturday evening snowstorm. 

We had a birthday dinner on Saturday night for my Grammy at their residence, which was amazing--the food is always top notch there.  She looked amazing in her new top and jewelery.  My Grammy is such an inspiration as she's always so positive, her life motto is to 'live each and every day to the fullest'.

I picked up this New York tee from Walmart, in the men's section for $7, and cut out the neckline and took off the sleeves.  I will probably cut the hem aysemmetrically and wear this to the gym--I made it scoop low in the back--or under a blazer as a cool graphic tee.

Post gym #acolookdowns.  It's been so. freakin'. cold. lately, I have been living in my Uggs to keep my feet warm and dry.

Sunday brunch--it's been a while.

I spent Sunday late afternoon and evening filming two videos: a make-up tutorial with the Naked 2 palette and the workout clothing haul.  I'm trying something new with my set up since a friend has let me borrow a backdrop.

The final look after I finished filming the make-up tutorial.

Sunday night dinner with my chef boyfriend.

After dinner I edited my video and painted my  nails.  I used this new NYC Matte Crazy topcoat which was $2 and works well.  I ended up later adding a French-tip-like strip of shiny clear at the end of my nails, which looks subtly cool.



Anonymous said...

You have great skin!

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

@Anon: thank you so much!

Unknown said...

I just bought the Mat top coat from OPI and LOVE it!

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