Thursday, January 9, 2014

Some New Shoes

I used to do a ton of shoe shopping, inexpensive pairs, several at a time.  Lately though, I've been more thoughtful about the shoes I buy and often go for a little higher end.

That said, I have blown all that out of the water with these four pairs I recently picked up from my old stomping grounds, GoJane.  I will list all the names and links to the shoes below so you can grab them for yourself if you wish.

Also, do you guys prefer to see the shoes like this or actually on my feet?  Is there a preference?  Happy shopping.

From top:
Yellow oversized buckle wedge  |  so similar to my Louboutins, with the addition of the Gucci-like buckle, I'm in heaven over these. 
Black oversized buckle wedge
Black pointy cuffed up heel  |  a knock-off of the Zara ones I purchased and returned several months ago.  These are actually easier to walk in, but the ankle detail isn't as nice.
Teal snake it up ankle strap heel  |  I can't get enough of ankle straps.  Hoping to take these on vacation with me if I go somewhere warm.



Anonymous said...

Are the yellow wedges comfy? Thanks!

Melissa M said...

LOVE the yellow wedges and their price point is excellent. I may have to grab these in pink :-)

Ashten said...

Love the black pointy cuffed heel & I like that price! I dont have any cuffed/buckle heels but all of these make me want a pair. Now we need to see these paired with a stellar outfit. :) no rush. haha

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

@Anon: surprisingly yes, I haven't worn them for a full day, but to put on and tromp around the apartment, it's a go!

@Ashten: you're awesome, outfit post coming up ;)

Sharon Lei said...

love love love love the heels. my faves would be the black ones, of course. lol.

i wanted to ask you something. i'm trying to revamp and revive my blog (LOL) and want to add a widget like you have at the top right with all your social media buttons. how do i do that? please help! haha.

xx Love & Aloha

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