Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Warm Sweater & Fingerless Gloves

Outfit deets:
* Seduction jeans (old) which you've seen with a black oxford and wedges.
* Spring boots (from last year) which I've worn to death and refuse to give up because (1) they are so comfy, (2) totally my style, and (3) hidden wedge with an option to wear the boot shaft up or rolled down like seen here.  Love love love them--they were my go-to last winter every weekend.  Get a better look at them this time last year not folded down with magenta skinnies.
* Accessories:  Garage fingerless gloves (new!), Spring headband (new!) & Aeropostale circle scarf (new!).

It's almost Friday, it's almost the weekend!  Picture me singing that because I'm so excited to sleep in and do whatever I want for a couple days in a row.  

I stopped by H&M tonight and was seriously disappointed the Isabel Marant for H&M collection is apparently not coming to Ottawa.  What?  Dislike.  That said, I meandered around and tried on six things and walked away with something I was actually looking for: a snug, black dress with sleeves.  I pinned a picture recently of an inspiring photo and found an almost identical dress--for $15  (hello)  so naturally I bought it.  

Normally I don't go for tight, tight, tight, but this was an exception and inexpensive so less guilt.  I can't find the actual dress on the H&M website but it also comes in navy (they didn't have my size or she would have come home with me too) and orange. 

And in other news, these photos were taken during filming of my most recent video, Bundling Up (for winter).  Some of the pictures came out so I thought I'd share them on here as an outfit post--why not.  


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