Wednesday, August 28, 2013

HAUL | Lululemon, thrifting, F21, Urban Planet, Smart Set + more

So many items but now that I've filmed this I can finally wear them all!! ;)  I'm talking... pants, tops, dresses, shoes, bikinis, workout gear & much more!

Things I mentioned:

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Anonymous said...

I never knew that was how to pronounce "bandeau"! I think I always just read it as band-eww lol Learned something new :)

Also, what sizing do you look for in skinny belts? Like, how much extra room should you have or what hole should it come to on your waist?

I have that blue sports bra as well...but I think I bought it too small because it gets a little too tight after a while D:

Great videos!

Anonymous said...

Do you find the bandeau's give decent support? Love all the pants you picked up too! I saw some nice ones from Joe Fresh the other day too! Great video :)

Anonymous said...

You could easily make those bootcut jeans into skinny jeans with a few easy stitches. Just take a favorite pair and use them as a guide. x

spiffykerms said...

THRIFTED TRUE RELIGION JEANS!!!? $4! Whaaaa. Actually I'm grossed out going to thrift stores. I know I shouldn't - but I am. Can't help it.

Love the black skinnies. I got some great ones from Target (they kinda look silky from far away). Urban Planet fits so weird, I understand the sizing there lol....

Interested in how you're going to style those cornflower blue pants. Hmm.

Aghhh that's the perfect color pant (those burgundy ones). It's going to look soo good with a grey top and your blonde hair.

Ahh! I have the same belt (from Target - can you tell I love target?). Except mine was $20+

Lol at the baby comment....

Cracking up at the chipmunk part where you say you're sweating. HAHA

Hey wait - what color nail polish is that? It's a nice purple. I got a manicure in that shade once but I forget the name of it. Do tell!

Congrats for getting to the end of this comment :)

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

@Anon #1: Hoorah! Love it :) and I like to go bigger-ish for skinny belts so I'm closer to the first/smaller holes... but it often works out that I'm shopping and finding trendier belts in junior-like sections/stores and I fit around the middle hole or sometimes near the end holes.

@Anon #2: Thanks for your comment! :) I don't find this Ardene bikini gives much support at all, but it's not terrible. I wouldn't go playing sports in this one. The Victoria Secret ruched-bandeaus are AMAZING. GREAT support and I can easily go strapless and feel secure; but then again they are 4 times the price, so, in this case it really is a -get what you pay for- :)

@Anon #3: I could? I guess I could! Hmmm, I might consider that! Thanks for the suggestions :) :)

Anonymous said...

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