Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Toronto Fashion Week Vlog

In March 2013 my BFF and I travelled to Toronto, courtesy of Maybelline, to attend World Mastercard Fashion Week.  It was so fun to go backstage, get our hair and make-up done and attend the shows.  In between fashion and runways we ate a ton, explored the city and did some shopping.  Check out the vlog to see the full experience.

* Hello from Toronto! (An explanation of how we won this fab trip)



Melissa M said...

You and your BFF are too cute together; both totally adorable! So fun that you guys were able to attend Fashion Week. Seeing the backstage footage was awesome; organized chaos!

spiffykerms said...

How in the hey did you score that gig? Getting flown + spending money! Amaaaazing. You and your BFF are awesome and look so fun, the both of you. I wish you were my friendddddd lol... #weirdo.

Anonymous said...

I try to watch these, but they're too stupid. You really need to grow up.

Anonymous said...

Wow @Anon, you're mean, pretty sure there was nothing immature about this vid other than 2 best friends having a great time. If you're willing to be so negative, have the balls to not be anonymous...how 'bout that!

Anonymous said...

@Anon, why read this blog if all you have to say is negative? All I see is 2 best friends having a good time!

Rebecca @ Thats So Pearl said...

Seriously...I think your videos are great and I totally want to be BFFs with you and Sarah someday. (In a non-stalker sort of way, of course. LOL.). :) Ya'll seem to have so much fun together!

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

@MelMac: Thanks girl! It was cool to see for sure :)

@SK aka N: Sarah won a contest!!! It was sooo fun!! Hahah come to Ottawa, let's beeeeeee friendzzzzzz :P

@Anon: LOL, I hope I never grow up; we're having too much fun to do so! :) Thanks for watching.

@Anon #2 & #3: You guys are awesome, thank you for sticking up for me, SO SWEET!

@Rebecca: Haha it's not creepy at all!! LOVE IT!! (I know Sarah would too!! hehehe :)

Melissa M said...

@Melina D from Toronto

I am sure that Amanda will be deleting your ridiculous comment; it is hate filled and racist. "How is your Asian BF?" Are you kidding me?
Is is easy to hate on someone you have never met and type insults with the veil of the internet to shield you rather than actually coming face to face with YOUR insecurities. Whether you would or wouldn't say these things to her face doesn't matter, because either way you are a sad, pathetic person.


Go elsewhere!

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

@MelMac: You're awesome, thanks for such a great comment. I, too, am not sure why people come here if I'm so incredibly annoying, lol. There must be SOMETHING interesting here ;) Maybe it's my Asian bf?

Sarah Palisek said...

Whenever you put yourself out there online or in life, there will be jealous haters that are upset that they are not enjoying the same benefits in life that you are. Insecure people hide beyond their anonymous posts to bring others down and make themselves feel better.

It is a soft version of cyber-bullying and it happens everywhere to almost everyone that has pics/posts/profiles/blogs online. You try not to let it bother you, but it still hurts a little.

This video was super fun, funny and we gave such a good glimpse into behind the scenes at Fashion Week! It is also a motivator for readers to enter contests and hopefully win something cool like this too! "You can't win if you don't enter".

Amanda - you have hundreds of readers and followers and fans alike..don't stop what you're doing, cause I know you LOVE doing it. Don't let the haters bring you down..it's not even worth the response.

I think you look great ("I thought you girls said you went to the gym everyday"..wtf?!?) and you are a wonderful person. Your Asian boyfriend (also wtf?!) is lucky to have you, and ditto vice versa.

Me xo

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