Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Specs

I recently teamed up with Firmoo, an online glasses company where you can find hundreds of different types of glasses and your perfect pair (including sunglasses).   

I got to pick out a new pair and the specs I chose are different from any that I own, and that was the point; I wanted to push myself to try something different.  They are a bit  large, dark chocolate plastic frames, and kind of nerdy (which I secretly kind of love). 

They got my prescription right and something I love about these (in comparison to other glasses I have) is that since the lenses are larger, it makes watching movies easier without having to move my head around to ensure I'm seeing through the lenses or nudge them down on my nose (near-sighted peeps will know what I'm talking about it).


What's in it for you?

Firmoo is offering you guys A FREE PAIR OF GLASSES (what!).  The catch?  You pay the shipping (pffft, easy peasy).

Don't need glasses to see?  Why not rock a pair of non-prescription specs (who will know!?) to up your edge-factor/hipster-ness/inner-sex-kitten?

Click on over to Firmoo to claim yours now.

My style (which is no longer available) but this one is similar.


Anonymous said...

um yeah i think i can handle shipping! thanks for the headsup! i need some new specs!

msbecky said...

Thanks so much for the tip on this! I have been dying for new glasses but can't fork out the money since I wear contacts regularly! I ordered a pair - $13 shipping :)

Robertino Value said...

What's your curriculum next semester, professor Amanda?

I'll have to let this one pass by me. I'm based in The Netherlands. Hehe.

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