Friday, July 20, 2012

Maison Scotch Leather Jacket

Okay, I've hit my shopping limit for the next little while.  During a stint at Winners the other night I came across this mint green Maison Scotch leather jacket (the colouring is off in the photo), and they only had two left, different sizes.  The larger size fit me perfectly and I did a little squeel and happy dance in the fitting room.

I'm not one to spend a lot on one item, I prefer to spread my money out on several items but I justified this one as it's:
* real leather
* fits like a glove
* butter-cream soft
* a beautiful colour
* I don't own a jacket in this colour

The price was $120 but I found a 'flaw' (the main zipper pulley is missing) so they discounted it to $105 and I walked away a very happy girl! I had never heard of the brand but after some google-ing, found out it's sold on Revolve Clothing, ShopBop, Neiman's, etc. The most similar one I could find is on Asos for originally $582, aka, mine was a major score.  Love that!


Kat E. said...

LOVE that jacket! Great find & love how you scored a further discount too :)
Have a great weekend!

Franziska said...

What a great find - it'll be perfect for fall!

jentine said...

I love maison scotch! My sister in law introduced me to it in Holland. A touch pricey but the quality is wonderful!! And I've seen some random bits of it at Winners so I am a happy girl...
Beautiful jacket!

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