Thursday, February 16, 2012

This or That?

Dynamite top, Bongo pants, Aldo wedge booties | Bumper booties, H&M & F21 necklaces,
 Michael Kors watch & various bracelets

I wasn't planning on posting these photos (ha!  Note the different shoe on different foot?  Ghet-toeee).  I took them one morning before work when debating between the two pairs of booties, hoping seeing it in photos would help me decide.

Do you guys ever really, really want to like something or wear something with your outfit but when you put it on, you know it's just not working?  Same for me with this outfit.  I really wanted to wear the Aldo wedge booties, but ultimately decided on the other ones as they felt more fitted to the outfit.

Which booties would you pick?



Anonymous said...

They look the same : )

Schnelle said...

Yes, I've done that before and I've also worn 2 different shoes to work before! Totally embarrassing, I had to go home and get get the matching shoe!

Kate said...

Bumper booties!

Anonymous said...

What corporation do u work for?? I work for the government and they are super strict with dress code, so wish I could dress like this to the office

Unknown said...

Cute outfit! I think you could have got away with either of the boots - I probably would have picked the Aldo ones, just personal preference :-)

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