Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

My weekend was really good, it was filled with food (tons of it), a movie (Moneyball), sleeping in times two, late nights, more food, organizing, and spending time with favourite people.  Oh, and I got some laundry done; four of seven loads, which means there is still more.

1.  My sister's puppy is getting bigger.
2.  Late night snack sesh.
3.  &  4.  My grandparents gave me this gold mirror, I (spray) painted it silver.
5.  &  6.  Food at my sister's place for wedding DIY Saturday (her fiance made the caramel-covered-pretzels. What! I know.)
7.  Twinsies!  (total fluke)
8.  Putting my new lacquered boxes into action.



Schnelle said...

I love the watches and bracelet combo. Your dresser looks great, those jewelry boxes are so pretty!

jamie said...

Ok I just tried to comment and it didn't work!! WTH?!

HI!! I know I've been SOOO MIA!! SORRY!! Update: So yes S is back- for good! It's so crazy!! We have so much to figure out but so far all is good!
Took me a minute to get a handle on everything but I'm back :)
Thanks for the b-day wishes...I can't believe another year has gone by!!
Oh and I put the link to that bag on my post. I totally forgot to link it. I love her bags...we covered her for our new website, did an interview and took pics...she's amazing and so are her bags.
Miss you lots! xoxo

Natalie said...

seriously, cutest pooch ever :)

Anonymous said...

How come you dont hang out with your husband???

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