Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  Joyeux Noel!  Feliz Navidad!

Today is my favourite day of the year and are there traditions in my family, you ask?  Oh are there traditions.  

My sister and I always sleep over at my parent's place on Christmas Eve (also my Dad's birthday).  We share a bed and she complains I always try to cuddle her and I complain that she won't let me.  She wakes us all up uber early, like criminally early for a day off (we discuss this the evening before hand and the negotiating begins, 'We're getting up at 7am!'  I retort with, 'How about 11am?'  We eventually meet somewhere in the middle) and we all head into the living room to see what Santa brought us and open our stockings.  Then we eat breakfast (croissants, cinnamon buns, fruit and mimosas) which we basically plow through in order to get back to the living room for the good stuff: presents!  Then we spend the next few hours opening presents, listening to reggae Christmas music, taking pictures and laughing at my Dad's wrapping attempts (sorry Dad).

Later on, my grandparents will come for dinner and we'll have a huge (turkey) feast, which is my favourite meal of the year.  We will all eat so much, lots of moaning and groaning will occur within five minutes of the meal ending, but ultimately, we will all be very happy.

Do you have simple Christmas traditions you repeat year after year?  Share in the comments below!  

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and if you don't celebrate Christmas, a happy holiday season.



Anonymous said...

I noticed you haven't been wearing your wedding ring lately...did something happen??

Ana said...

Unfortunately I'm living something like 13 000 km from my parents. It's been already 5 Christmas that I don't celebrate with them. : (
Nice post!

Anonymous said...

To the person who keeps asking about the state of her marriage - this is none of your business, and it is excepionally rude for you to keep asking. If Amanda has something to say, she'll say it when she's ready. Continually asking her is really insensitive and clearly demonstrates no respect for her at all. If you like her and like her blog, leave her alone, stop with the questions and mind your own damn business.

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