Saturday, December 10, 2011

500sq. ft.


Could you live in 500 square feet... with your spouse?  That`s not much space, but Erin & Danny do it really well.  It`s quite impressive.  I don`t know E & D, but their place is amazing and can you believe they`ve hosted a dinner party with 20 people?  What!  In 500 square feet?  How is that even possible?  I`m amazed so I had to share.



Diana said...

I wish that they had a different picture where you could really see the overall size and how all the rooms are in relation to each other, if that makes any sense. To me, it doesn't look like it's that small. I live in a 1000 sq. foot apartment with my husband and my dog, with a baby on the way, and we've got plenty of space and even will after the baby's here. I'm trying to picture my apartment cut in half, and it doesn't seem THAT small...hmm..

Anonymous said...

I agree! I currently live in a 550 sq ft condo and its plenty of room for my hubby and me. Due to a fantastic layout we are able to throw parties often. So yeah, its possible and very livable. I think if you choose the life of an urban dweller the only thing you have to sacrifice is space, and thats easy because you have such a better lifestyle than being in the suburbs surrounded by big box stores and cookie cutter houses. Many of my friends prefer the DT lifestyle and pay tripple that of the subrubs, for much less space. I also think it reflects wants and needs of the couple.

Ivette said...

I just moved into a 500sq foot place. We down sized from a 2900 sq. foot house and relocated to our dollhouse so my husband could attend school. We have two people, three small dogs and lots of my husbands art supplies, models and drawings and my shoes! It is tough, but we started to become accustomed. Organization is key! We are doing exactly what Erin and Danny have done above with our kitchen.

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