Monday, October 17, 2011

MTL Weekend Recap

Heading to MTL on Saturday

My weekend in Montreal was top notch (I never say that in real life) and so much fun.  I arrived at my girl friend's place around 10am, we chatted for a bit and then off we went to shop downtown.  If you've ever been to St. Catherine's Street in Montreal, you know how awesome it is.  If not, let me describe: blocks upon blocks of great shops, massive stores (Forever 21 is four floors. Four. Floors. {!}), tons of places to eat and just packed with people.  Stylish people (and some not so stylish people, but I love seeing the stylish ones as they seem much farther and fewer in between in the city I live in).

I told her that I needed at least two hours in H&M and after parking her car, I asked if that could be our first stop as I knew it'd be where I'd drop the most dough.  Was it where I dropped the most dough?  Yes, yes it was.  How much you ask?  Too much to disclose (just kidding, Mom).  Lastly, did I actually need the full two hours?  I needed more.  Two floors of H&M heaven, how could I not?  After carrying around a truckload of clothes on one arm and digging through racks with the other, I thought my clothed arm was about to fall off when my girl friend came to the rescue and took the massive pile so I could finish the store.  Next thing I know, she's worked out an arrangement in the fitting room (see photo below): my very own rolling rack of all the clothes I collected and need to try on (thanks sweet H&M sales girl).  I added a few more to that rack before venturing into the fitting room.  I emerged with several unique pieces and not a single basic (good girl).  I felt proud that I didn't cave and buy three more white tank tops and two in black, yet instead I focused on silk blouses, skinny pants and some amazing jewel-toned dresses.

After H&M we hit Forever 21 and I spent the rest of my time (and money) there.  It wasn't too busy but the fitting room lines were pretty long (as per usual).  I picked up far less than I did at H&M but still some great buys.  I'll share my purchases soon!

I have to mention this, while there (around 5pm) we experienced a Occupy Montreal.  Right down the middle of St. Catherine's Street, hundreds of people swarmed the street and walked up chanting and shouting and holding signs.  I wish I had of had my camera with me to snap a video as a picture wouldn't have done it justice (however this video was taken exactly where I was standing, right out front of F21).  I guess the protest was regarding Wall Street and started in the Financial District of MTL.  It was quite the sight to be seen: all these people yelling and walking amongst the cars in the middle of the street.  Nobody in their car could move until the 'parade' was over, and just when you thought it was over, they turned around and came back down.  They were people with megaphones, people with signs, people yelling, people chanting, people encouraging others to join them (ie. 'Dans la rue, avec nous!' translation: 'Come in the road with us'), and people videoing the crowds reactions.  Pretty interesting.

We finally headed home around 6pm and ended up ordering chinese food and staying in and catching up (over some red wine, of course).  It was perfect and productive as we cleaned out her closet and styled up some great outfits while at it (and she generously gifted me with a faux leather jacket she was done with... because I need another faux leather jacket, but in my defense I do not have one in this colour).  We crashed late after the perfect evening in.

Sunday I headed home in the late morning and spent the rest of the day tidying up my place and relaxing.  How were your weekends? 

 My rack at H&M

 Purchases (and sore feet)

Take-out (in actual chinese take-out boxes!)

Update:  Check out what I purchased in MTL.


Schnelle said...

My 2 favorite stores, I'm so jealous! I see houndstooth on your rack and I love houndstooth! I know what you mean about grabbing basics, I always seem to flock to the basics. Can't wait to see what you got!

Jamie said...

It sounds like you had so much fun! I haven't been to MTL since I was 18...St. Catherine St. is a great place to get into trouble!! LOL

Anonymous said...

You know, it's like my dream to eat chinese food out of real take out boxes!

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