Monday, August 8, 2011

Accent Piece(s)

 A.Co Designs circle vest (last seen here), H&M tank & skirt, Urban Original belt,
Spring sandals, Joe Fresh necklace & Auslini bangle

Lately I find myself much more drawn to my flats than my heels.  It could be the warmer weather (flats are less fussy) or just the fact that I'm prefering comfort over... well... uncomfort?  Yes, I admit it, as much as I love heels, they aren't always comfy.
So two weeks ago I went to a (beautiful) wedding ceremony and reception.  The service was beautiful, outdoors (it was a hot and sunny day) and in a gazebo and the bride was stunning.  The reception was at a super upscale hotel in their outdoor pavilion, and so chic.  Everything from the dress to the cake was perfect that day and I think I speak for everyone when I say it was an amazing day and night.  However, due to the fact that it was an outdoor-ish reception, the mosquitos were a tad prickly.  The next day I had nine bites on one foot and six on the other.  Nine on one foot.  Can you believe that?  I must be pumpin' some pretty awesome blood... it's either that or the fair skin - they see right through me.
 Anne Michelle heels (last seen here), swapped out for my flats during my lunch hour... and the rest of the day.



meredith said...

Must have the necklace. <3

I would never be able to think up your outfit on my own. This looks wonderful together!

Schnelle said...

Those (gorgeous) heels match your belt perfectly! I can't believe you are favoring heels for flats. What has happened? No, I'm kidding, I get it. I've actually been wearing a lot of flip flops and wedges lately so I'm not one to talk. Maybe by fall the heels will come back into the mix.

Christie Ressel said...

Cute outfit doll! Love the colours!

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