Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines' Day

 Ricki's jacket (last seen here), Violet & Claire top, La Senza stole, H&M pants, 
Urban Original boots (last seen here), Aldo belt & clutch, Joe Fresh gloves & custom PBR Designs necklace

Happy Valentines' Day!  I am always excited to use any holiday to dress up as an excuse and Valentines' Day is no exception.  I love the idea of pinks and reds and going either sexy or sweet, however, more often than not as the day arrives I cannot for the life of me put together an outfit I'm satisfied with.  And what do I end up with?  An entire black outfit with a sole red belt.  WTF?  I couldn't get more creative than this?!  Ugh.  I initially started out wearing these pants with this outfit but wasn't feeling it at all.  Ultimately, time was running short so I swapped in my new H&M pants from my weekend away and called it an outfit. 

Sidenote: totally rockin' the red lip (resolution alert!), I mean, what better excuse than Valentines' Day, right?  Well, not so great for kissing, but whatevs... regardless, it's so-so and husband agreed he prefers no lipstick.

Husband calls the middle shot, 'The waxer' - yeah, you can probably 
get an idea of what he's talking about - totally classy, just like my pose.



Michelle Lee said...

love your outfit :)
happy v-day
it snowed here
btw it was at this exhibition where i took bunch of photos

i'm now your new follower
will you follow me back please?

Schnelle said...

I always end up in something black too or white. I love your outfit though and those boots are gorgeous!!!

Alison Kinsey said...

i still think your outfit is ADORABLE! i love the fur & the shoes :) happy valentine's day!!!
last night, i painted my nails in a cherry red hue - that was my way of getting a little 'red' into my look!

ZANAH said...

Happy Vday :)

Mon Mode Blog

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Your outfit is awesome!! Your blog is always so much fun to read. I had a milestone on my blog this past week and I wanted to Thank You for helping make it possible by you coming to my blog and being so nice to have left a comment. Thanks Again!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! That outfit looks so perfect for Vday, loved the red belt and boots, you look stunning!

Wish you a wonderful <3 day! xo

jamie said...

You look like a super model! STUNNING!! Red lipstick was MADE for you!! (although I get what hubby is saying, my bf hates it too. Makes a mess LOL)

Happy Valentine's Day BBFF!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Anonymous said...

I like the red lipstick! Looks good on you :)

Alicia Lund said...

Red lips are totally perfect for Valentine's Day! You look beautiful!

modern.girl said...

i loooooooooooove wearing all black and highlight with strong accent colors. you, oh you. so beautiful! look at those tiny waist! your hubby is one lucky dude.

happy v-day!!


Rebecca S. said...

loving the red lipstick! yay for you! i'm still working on getting brave enough to do it ; )

iamstyleish said...

dang girl, you look hot! I love the red lips on you! my husband hates lipstick too, mostly because it gets on him or when he shares my drink he drinks lipstick. LOL!

sidenote: I thought I had you in my RSS feed and then realized that I never see your posts so I just tried to add you again and it says you don't have a feed? Let me know what the address is if you do so I can add you!

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

haahh, this entire post is funny "that's the best I could come up with???" I think it looks great!! WAAAITTTT that white jacket you have is AMAZING, I need it, I need it, I need it!!! You looks so gorgeous in that first shot. And isn't red lipstick funny? Guys never like it!! I love to wear it now and again but I think it's totally a girl thing, like your hubby said, guys always prefer none- but you rock it! And the waxer, just love it! Gorgeous girls who goof around are the best!

Sharon Lei said...

LOL "the waxer".. I Love it. :) and totally get it.

Smokin' hot A.. love the outfit and the red lips. I used a lip stain with gloss over, so my lips are still kissable and the hubby doesn't mind. Hope you guys have a great Valentines Day!!

xx Love & Aloha

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Amanda!! Umm. I feel like I would get along so well with you and your hubby ' the waxer'. . really?! Love it. haha

So I went to Old Navy the other day because one of my student's game me a gift card and I was so excited to see if they had anymore of those pants (the beige ones with the stripe) and just my luck they had a 6! (you were right, they fit huge) anyway. . . i tried them on and sadly my legs do not do them justice the way yours do. and they were only 10$! i was sad to put them back. . but oh well. I'll just have to try to find something else of yours I can copy.

Lily said...

Vavavavoom! You look hot!

To answer your question re: music time lines, in the embedded code provided on youtube just change the height to 25 (ie. height="25">). Hope that helps. :)


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