Wednesday, December 8, 2010


 Ashley B jacket (last seen here), H&M top (last seen here) & tank dress, Sirens knee-patch leggings, Le Chateau boots (last seen here), Club Monaco scarf, Mexx necklace, Mexican bracelet & unknown bangle

I got home on Tuesday night and immediately undressed and climbed into bed.  I was exhausted.  Sometimes I just do that, get into bed as soon as I get home (and we're talking late afternoon here, it's not like I'm working till 9pm).  Last night was no exception.  Fortunately, husband was home and he made me dinner and snacks which we ate together in bed while watching Sunday's episode of Dexter.  So enjoyable and just what I needed.  



Anonymous said...

Hope you got some good rest :)

Jan said...

Rest up. Sometimes the best thing is doing nothing at all. I love it when my husband makes me dinner too :)

Marissa at Style Cusp said...

We follow eachother on twitter, but somehow I am just discovering your blog?! I'm so sad it took me this long to do it!

This outfit looks so comfy! You look incred here, and your fingertips are perfectly painted. I am obsessed with painted fingernails, I ALWAYS have mine painted!


PS I'm following you now too :)

Jamie said...

I love this outfit! You layered perfectly and I think your hair looks fantastic!

Isabel said...

laying in bed might be one of my favourite things to do. lol. im doing it right now

Unknown said...

OMG Wasn't last Sundays episode of Dexter insane? When it ended I wanted to cry. The season finale is going to be AMAZING!!!

iamstyleish said...

love your casual-cool outfit!

Glad you got a nice relaxed evening!

Schnelle said...

great outfit. you looks super warm too!

Kara said...

Those leggings are kick ass for Sirens!! This is a simple and amazing outfit! I am all about the grey, white and black right now so I'm loving it!

Hope you're feeling a bit more rested! I have yet to see past episode 3 of Dexter this season...I gotta do a marathon when I go home! No telling!!! :)


stephanie. said...

can i just say -- enjoy those moments, rejoice in them, relish in them, write a thank you note to them. seriously. i love my life but those moments are gone gone gone baby. and when i look back i did not nearly enjoy them fully or often enough. so DO! please.

p.s. great outfit. love that gray jacket. and gray in general. =)

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