Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome Home

My most recent pair of kicks.  Picked these up in Toronto on the weekend while visiting the BFF.  We went to the Aldo Outlet on Bloor Street, and what an amazing store.  They have so much selection, and the best part: a huge clearance area.  I saw shoes from years ago.  Wild.   I was so pumped when they actually had my size in these (it's so hard to get my size, often, as they don't make many 10's and 11's).  I wore these out the same night I bought them and was pleasantly surprised that not only could I dance all night long, but they stayed put, without the ankle strap (unlike these which are beautiful but suck to walk more than three feet in, sadly).

These new wedges might give my favourite wedges a run for their money!  
Speaking of, did you see my faves are super on sale now?



Isabel said...

i hate shoes that flop. so annoying! ive gone so far as to stuff tissue in the toe. lol

Anonymous said...

I love them!

Midtown Girl said...

These are freaking FABULOUS!!! I love wedgies like these with peep toes...excellent score doll! They remind me of my Zara bday low cut booties I found last minute - love them <3

Schnelle said...

super cute wedges! Did you say an Aldo outlet!?!!? I need to find one of those around here!!

Miranda said...

Oooo I like those. I'm wearing a pair of Aldo wedges for the first time today. I just got them in the mail.

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