Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Toronto Purchases

 H&M a-line top, a-line top, a-line asymetrical dress, striped tank dress & F21 oversized sweater

As promised, here is a sneak peek at the goods I picked up during my weekend away in Toronto.  I hit up my two favourite stores (H&M and Forever21) which we don't have in my city, and did very well.  Items that are missing include the F21 striped mini (here, for salsa dancing), three long tanks from H&M (black, white, grey), and my new Aldo wedges.  Now I'm going to try and stick to my resolution and wear these items immediately.  I've already worn five things (in four days) - I'm getting good!

F21 faux leather pants, H&M flowy ruffle dress, flowy ruffle top/dress, ruffled top & racer-back metal embellished tank



Anonymous said...

LOVEEEE All the purchases!!! You seriously find the best things. . I go into those stores all the time and I never find stuff this good. REason # 29 why we need to hang out.

Also. . . . the job I got the interview for is actually in Toronto. . . so you have two places to crash during shopping trips if I get the job!

Elaine said...

Man, I never have that much luck when I'm shopping.

myedit said...

The economy thanks you... haha. May I ask where you live exactly? I promise... I am not a creep...

Isabel said...

i cant wait to get back home and shop at H& it!

Valerie said...

I LOVE all your new stuff! That grey sweater is AMAZING! I should try your resolution too. I let things sit in my closet and forget about them or think they're not exciting by the time I get around to wearing them. I'm going to work on it!


Mrs. Julius said...

Thanks for passing by my blog and the sweet comment. :)

Hope you had a great time in Toronto! Great purchases. I love F21 too! I used to drive all the way to Buffalo just to shop at F21 before they opened in Canada. You didn't go into Zara when u were in T.O.? Love that store!

New follower! :)

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