Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Red Tape

{ 'Red Tape' by Wet 'n' Wild }

I recently discovered Wet 'n' Wild's new 'Megalast' nail polish line and I have to say I'm quite impressed.  Now, you know how much I love OPI, but at $10 a bottle, you better really love that nail colour.  The secret though, is in the brush.  I've tried to convert back to cheaper polishes, but, the brushes are so skimpy that the enamel doesn't go on smoothly, takes several swipes per nail, gets bubbly, etc.  These ones from WNW have a super wide brush (just like OPI) and the polish isn't thick so it goes on nice and smooth (reminds me a bit of Zoya, which I also like).  The only downside?  This line only has about 20 colours.  I know, perhaps you are thinking, 'What? Just 20 colours?!' in a sarcastic tone, but when you own most general colours (you know, dark red, bright pink, burgundy, dark pink, etc.) from OPI, the last thing you want to do is dish our more cash for the same colour.  However, I'll take what I can get (for now) because at $2 bucks a bottle, it's a steal.



Isabel said...

where can u buy wet n wild in canada? when i was home i couldnt find it....and after living in korea for 2 years where "expensive" polish was $3 and $1 was the norm i was horrified at the 5.99 prices on revlon and sally hanson LOL i used to buy 10 bottles and not think twice..now i better be sure that i like the colour before i buy it!

palmandpineblog said...

$2 wow! I gotta check Wet 'n Wild out! I think Target carries that brand.

<3, natasha
twenty-something blog

T said...

Honestly, Wet n' Wild has good polish. I used to use it when I was younger and was really happy with it. They had this awesome color that looked like the red of a bowling ball.

Anonymous said...

Great deal! Especially compared to OPI prices :)

Miranda said...

I love megalast by wet n' wild, it really does go on great and i think the color and quality is similar to designer brands.
I hope they come out with some cool fall colors ... army green please :)

drollgirl said...

this color looks RAD on you!

LyddieGal said...

I never had any issue with wet'n'wild -- I can't fathom spending more than $3 on nail polish, especially since I'll use them once or twice, then move on to the next new color of the moment.

Thanks for the review, I'll definitely check out the new line

Kate said...

Nice!! Thanks for sharing! I hear you, I have become a nail polish junkie, and I can't afford to keep dishing out $10-$12 a bottle! That said, I am head over heels in love with Essie's fall collection, and have bought two so far ('sew psyched' and 'merino cool') and have to go back for 'limited addiction' - but making myself wait until pay day! Haha! Will have to check out this wet & wild stuff though!

Sharon Lei said...

I am a sucker for OPI and just recently Essie.. but sometimes drugstore polishes do the trick too. It's funny that you just posted this, because I just literally came home from the drugstore and I picked up two Wet n' Wild polishes. ha ha. I guess it's a newer line of theirs "craze".. I got Glitz and Morbid. I haven't used this line since I was in highschool. hee hee.

xx Love & Aloha

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