Monday, September 20, 2010

Hair Tutorial: The Messy Bun

I sound like... a weirdo.


I am Khatu said...

you sound and look natural! I say the same thing when I watch my videos too.

Isabel said...

LOVE IT! you dont sound like a weirdo at all :)

Anonymous said...

You dont sound like a weirdo :) Glad you finally posted it!

Sharon Lei said...

Great and simple tutorial A! And you totally sound like I imagined you'd sound.... wow.. I think I'm the weirdo. That sound so stalker-ish.. ha ha ha ha ha. But you don't sound werid at all. I wanted to post a vlog but my voice was so highpitched. I do not have a high voice... LOL

xx Love & Aloha

Jamie said...

BBFF!! How cute are you?!?!?!?!
I love this! I am working on some of these myself. So fun!!!

julianne. said...

i love you even more after watching this.
you sound adorable, not weird sillyy.<3

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