Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm the Winner!

A blogger friend of mine, Katie from Fashion's Maven, recently had a 100 Followers Give-Away providing us with the opportunity to win some goodies from Sephora, so of course I entered.  Well guess what?  I won!  I'm super pumped too because I have never bought anything from Sephora.  I know, I know, some of you might have just fallen off your chair, but it's true.  I've already been using the eye shadow frequently (almost religiously, I really love it!) and the mascara daily.  Thank you so much, Katie!


{ Katie even included a super sweet note - love that }


Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

I feel like this is ike the 10th blog giveaway you've won!!!! Lucky girl. That's a really cute gift and I love the note too. I can't believe you've never made it to Sephora.. I always love getting new mascara.

Sharon Lei said...

Saweeet! Congrats on winning A! I used to love Sephora, but now I just stick with Chanel eyeshadows + blush, Mac eyeliner + powder (from Macy's) and Loreal mascara from the drugstore. I swear Loreal panoramic curling mascara is the best, at least for me. And it doesn't do damage to the bank account. :) OMG only about 3 weeks more. Yay!

xx Love & Aloha

Anonymous said...

Aw, I'm so glad you're enjoying them! :)

Charlie said...

That sephora nail polish is amazinggggggg! I'm so jealous!! Lucky you.



Kate said...

Blog giveaways are SO FUN! I have won 4 in the last month (only have recieved one of them so far, but just won two this weekend!) The eyeshadow above is really gorgeous!! And to be honest, I've never even stepped foot in a Sephora! We don't have any in Atlantic Canada!

delina said...

this make-up is amazing, so beautiful! lucky you, great blog dear and the wedding-shoes are perfect !! x

Jamie said...

Ok first off, I can't believe you won ANOTHER giveaway!! BBFF, are you cheating?? hahaha ;) I never win anything! (Waaaa! LOL)
Well let me just tell you that Smokey lash you won is the absolutely SH*T!!
It is hands down the best mascara I have ever used and I use it religiously.

palmandpineblog said...

Congrats! Don't you just love blog giveaways?!

natasha @ twenty-something blog

Bren said...

W H A T ?!?!?! You have never bought ANYTHING from Sephora????!!!!! LOL!

I feel like I practically live there! Since makeup is my profession, I can at least write-off the obsession! :D

Congrats on winning Amanda! So sweet of Katie to include a hand written note too! I love that!

Bren @ Chasing Beauty

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Anonymous said...

Lucky girl!! I've been eyeing Smoky Lash for a while, I'm glad you're liking it!!

Jamie-Lee Burns said...

This is so sweet - you're very lucky,m congrats! x


LyddieGal said...

What a great prize - congrats!!
And yes, you've definitely been pretty lucky lately!

Laurie said...

Sephora is fantastic! and they have THE best customer service.

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